Learn Game Maker

There are two tutorials for you to work through. Read each step of the tutorials in turn, watching the video clip that demonstrates how to use the Game Maker software for that step. Then try to perform that step in your own Game Maker file.

Some of the video clips are quite long. Each video clip has play controls at the bottom, so you can pause a clip at any time to complete the steps in your own Game Maker file as you go.

Go to tutorial 1

Tutorial 1: Fruits of the Forest (a paddle game)

Before you begin the Fruits of the Forest tutorial, read the Fruits_Design_Document.pdf for the Fruits of the Forest game and then use it as you progress through each of the steps.

Go to tutorial 2

Tutorial 2: Gobble Guts (a maze game)

Before you begin the Gobble Guts tutorial, please complete the Fruits of the Forest tutorial as this tutorial deals with new learning and assumes a level of knowledge.

There are also excellent tutorials on the YoYo Games site that will help you to learn how to create a range of different types of game.

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