About Game2Learn

The Game2Learn project is an initiative of the Centre for Learning Innovation, Department of Education and Training, NSW.

The project aimed to trial the efficacy of student-developed games in stage 3 classrooms. This wiki features the results and impact of the project on learning from the perspective of students and teachers from the two primary schools involved.

This wiki is a professional learning resource for teachers to use to build the knowledge and skills required to implement the Game2Learn program in their classrooms. As this is a wiki, CLI hope that it will grow and change as teachers begin to use it and contribute further to the content with stories and ideas for implementation from their schools.

How to use this resource:

Work through this resource and the Game Maker tutorials provided to build your skills. Then use this resource to guide your classroom practice as the students begin to design and develop their own games. There are also tutorials developed by students from Belmore South Public School for other students learning to use Game Maker.
Belmore South Public School and Homebush Public School provided the pilot sites for Game2Learn.
In this video, the teachers and students describe:
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  1. Why they choose to develop digital games in their classroom.
  2. How they have implemented the Game2Learn program.
  3. The resulting student games.
The process begins with an investigation into what makes a game

A message from the Game2Learn teachers

"The NSW DET Centre for Learning Innovation has been fantastic they are a group of educators who want to fly ahead with encouraging teachers and students to use technology in a variety of different ways in the classroom. They can see the possibilities and have provided our school with enormous opportunities and encouraged Kim and I in our endeavours".

"The NSW Board of Studies are also interested in promoting the use of technology, especially with the introduction of the new primary Science and Technology syllabus. Technologies, web 2.0, gamemaking and the mobile technologies all being well suited for any scientific explorations. The technologies; however, should not be limited to the science subjects. There are all manner of creative, language and social benefits acruing from the imaginative and creative use of these tools".
Gail Dyer, Principal, Belmore South Public School

“My colleague Gail Dyer and I are determined to get games into our classrooms - student engagement, communication, learning, problem solving, deep understandings, thinking skills as well as more “traditional” reading, writing, talking, maths and science skills are all enhanced and developed through games”.

“But getting games into classrooms in meaningful ways is not going to happen by itself - getting a critical mass of people to help it happen is perhaps the way to start, and that’s what we want to see happen with this wiki and network of teachers involved in games in their classrooms”.
Kim Pericles, Belmore South Public School, Deputy Principal